Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I have six started but never finished posts from the past couple of weeks.  Why am I not a finisher?

Here's the one I want to most make sure finally gets a showing (even though it was already out dated when I started typing it the first time).


I never mentioned mine and Reid's trip to Utah (over a month ago).  But now I have a bunch of wedding and other festivity pictures I want to show off.  So I guess I better get to journaling!

My sister-in-law Mel wasn't at the wedding, a long car ride or plane trip is pretty much out of the question when you are 37 weeks pregnant.  But still, she's the one that edited the above photos and I think they turned out just fabulous.  I love Reid's big wide eyes in that top one.  I love the sweet look I'm giving his over-tired face in the second one.  He was my boy that whole week long.

Aren't my brothers handsome?  Growing up I always had to be suspicious of the excitement a few friends had when I invited them over for sleepovers. Between the boys in my neighborhood and the ones in my house, I knew I was surrounded by every little girls' dream.  But as my last post said, it's what's on the inside of those four good looking faces that really counts. Matthew is one of the most selfless people I know.  Jon has the biggest heart, he'd never let anyone hurt my feelings growing up.  And Phil, the groom, there aren't good enough words in the world to describe how much I love him.  He's still just the sweetest little baby brother I could have ever hoped for.  My Dad's not too bad either, (wink  wink).  It still baffles me that we are all taller than both our parents.  Little shrimps :)

Whenever I go home people always ask if I miss my parents old house. I'm surprised by how little I do. Their new place, in a town seven miles from my childhood streets, is their home. A house has little to do with home. In a way, their leaving Sutherland actually helps me romanticize it even more.  Even if my kids were able to swim in the same ditches I did, and have Christmas snowball fights in my old front lawn, they'd never fully understand how wonderful it was to grow up there.  Each time I return to West Millard County I see how barren and un-beautiful it really is.  But Sutherland, Sutherland is still stunning.  She takes my breathe away every time I return.  It brought me pure joy watching one of my old childhood friend's daughter (and her friend) pop up and down in the ditches near my old Church house, just like we did when we were kids.  No, my children will never understand how truly fabulous Sutherland is, but other kids will and that's enough for me.
One advantage to where my parents live now, is that for Phil's bachelor party we all just put on our suits, grabbed some towels, and walked right on over to the City Pool.  It was a blast!  My mom and I took the younger grandkids and left a little early, but as we were leaving the older kids were on the edge of the kiddie pool, looking across the deep end chanting "Phil, Phil, Phil" as he climbed the steps to the high dive.  It was so cute to think about how cool they thought their Uncle must have been. 

Later that night I found myself with my three brothers and Dad all in the kitchen doing dishes, just like we did out in Sutherland. My parents never had a dishwasher, and I think us kids were convinced doing dishes with dad was some sort of privilege. Fifteen years later and we were all still loving it.  Sure, I was a little sad I couldn't gaze at Notch Peak in the distance, but I was once again reminded that "going home" has nothing to do with a house. Our conversation was a little more grown up (it was a wedding eve after all) but the flutterings in my heart were the same as when I was a little.  I love time spent with my dad and my three brothers. Makes me feel like the most special girl in the whole wide world. In hindsight I realize our time spent together means my mother was the only one watching after 8 children, ages 6 and under. I wonder if she enjoyed that as much as we were enjoying ourselves in the kitchen?

I was able to see lots of old friends and lots of new babies. Growing up where "everybody knows your name" is such a blessing. No matter how different our grown up lives are, you always still care about those who helped shape you.  And that makes getting together so much more rewarding and comfortable.

Seeing extended family members was another fabulous blessing.  I have some of the greatest Aunts and Uncles in the world.  It's crazy to watch them become the next generation of (cough cough) older people. My love for them swells even deeper as this process moves on. Cousins I haven't seen in ages were at the wedding reception with their little ones, and it was so fun to see them in their joy and happiness.
In the temple chapel, I remember turning to my dad and whispering "all your siblings and all your children are right here with you."  He of course reminded me it would have been even better if his two missing children-in-law were present, but still a pretty spectacular sight.  

The marriage sealing was fabulous. I'm so grateful for the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love knowing that my marriage isn't just a promise between me and Ben, but also our Father in Heaven.  I know He promises husbands and wives eternal happiness if we abide by His standards.  And the blessings for doing so are endless, even while on this Earth.

Life is so good. 


Jodi said...

This was so fun to read!! Beautiful shot of your family! Made me want to raise my kids in Sutherland ;).

Polly Blevins said...

I love all the pictures you posted. You do have a neat family. I was always impressed with how nice John was, to EVERYONE.

Claudia said...

Wow sis, did you really have it that good? Maybe I'm a better parent than I thought!! As your post waxed more and more eloquent, the tears bubbled in my eyes. It was truly glorious to have all of you home (minus Ben and Mel) for Phillip's wedding and receptions. We are indeed blessed to have our little petunia in the onion patch! Life would not have been so full without you...
Love you Alizabeth Anne Bassett Szilagyi!! Pa

Scott and Claudia said...

Love your post sis!! Yes, life is good, even when it is bad it is good!!! You did a fabulous job with your telling of the story. It was a most wonderful time together was it not? Love ya, Mom

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