Friday, September 23, 2011

Let's recap

So there have been 3 GOP Debates so far this election season (which doesn't officially start until the end of September).  Let's recap an event from each.

#1 When Brian Williams noted there had been "234 death row inmates" executed under Governor Perry's watch, the crowd offered the loudest applause of the night.

#2 When Wolf Blitzer asked Dr Ron Paul about healthy, uninsured 30-year-olds having medical emergencies, Paul implied the risk of death is one the man should take on his own, and not rely on government to intervene.  When Wolf wanted to be more direct, he blatantly asked "But, Congressman, are you saying the society should just let him die?" Members of the Tea Party/Republican crowd cheered and even a very loud and distinct "YEAH" was shouted across the room.

#3  When a Gay soldier, currently serving in Iraq, was given an opportunity via camera to speak with the candidates, the crowd booed him (isn't this the party of support our troops you damn liberals or you're equal to the filth of terrorists?  I suppose the new bumper stickers will read  support our troops, except the gay ones, they should rot in hell).

For me, there are two very important take aways from all this.

Reality Number One: America is still a country full of hate. Prejudice and bullying are alive and well in "the land of the free" where "everyone is created equal."

Reality Number Two: I am a Democrat for many reasons, most of which I try to base in logic and sound political theory, but one of the biggest reasons I've always been a Democrat is simply that the Republican party is full of hate, greed, fear filled lies, and hate. After these last three debates, I've never been more proud to be a Democrat. Even with all my party's flaws, my heart keeps telling me I've made the right choice.


Scott and Claudia said...

AMEN!!! Couldn't have said it better... So glad I don't waste my time watching the debates. They would just further rile me up at the inane things said. All except Huntsman are idiots and I'm not too sure he isn't going that way fast -- catering to the right of his party. The right of his party will either be the death of the party or the death of America. Let's hope it's the former and not the latter. The more I involve myself with politics the more left I become.

Polly Blevins said...

I am a republican on principle and a democrat in action. I think that people should have consequences for their actions. People should stand on their own or at least try to instead of ride off of others. I feel like democrats feel the need to take over every hard consequence and make it better. They support people for making bad choices. But, I think that as a good person, it is my job to help my neighbor however I can. I should make others burdens lighter. I should do my best to be a deciple of Christ. the difference, I want the choice. I don't want the gov. making me do it. Of course, I think that the majority of Americans do help themselves and try to be the best person he/she can be but American is also breeding selfish, lazy, helpless people. On the other extreme, they are also breeding pompous, selfish, uncaring also. Both extremes are horrible. We need to meet in the middle. How does someone become a good person? Helping others. Actually doing the work dropping off a meal to someone who needs it. Volunteering your service. My sister (who is democrat) said that she loves that the gov. takes over. She wants to help but doesn't want to have to choose who to help. The gov. does that and she completely trusts them in putting her money where it is most needed. (not saying every democrat feels like that). I think that is sorry. If she wants to help so bad, get out there and do it. Her money may go to help others but she is not getting the good feeling of service she needs. I could go on and on but I hope you understand my rambling.

Scott and Claudia said...

Yes, my heart does tell me being a democrat is the right place for me to be, even though I do not agree with all of it.

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