Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Reid turns one in 20 days.  20 days!  That is so crazy to me.

When he was just a baby I always thought "why do people say it goes so fast?" I savored his baby stage. It seemed to tick by so leisurely (even with the move cross country). But once Reid was mobile . . . time ran with him. Each day he surprises me by how "toddler" he is.

I feel like we're ready for the next stage. I'm excited to teach him which noises go with which animal. I love that he gives great big hugs. His eagerness to push the glowing green button that opens the garage door is adorable each time we go outside. This sort of exploration is just beginning and I'm excited to see it flourish.

The only thing I'm really sad to say goodbye to, is the breast feeding.  And there it is . . . your TMI  If you'd like to stop reading now, I understand.

I don't know that I really want to capture my breastfeeding thoughts here, as I know that medical complications make it difficult for all mothers to enjoy the simplicity of it. But I really feel I'd be cheating on motherhood if I didn't talk to myself about how fabulous the experience has been.

1) It is so much cheaper than formula.  Thank goodness for that!
2) I just love it. I love how busy busy busy Reid can be all afternoon, but once it's time for his snack he settles right down into my lap.  I love that he gets to lay in our bed every morning and snuggle up with us while he drinks breakfast into his belly. I even love that when he's really thirsty he starts snooping in my shirt (okay, double TMI there -- but it is so cute (and he's never done this in public -- too many distractions to care about thirst when we're outside the home), yup it's time to wean).

I've already started giving him a bottle at night, and bottle feeding definitely has its tender moments as well. He actually fusses if I breastfeed at bedtime because he can't see his dad, sitting across the way reading our bedtime story.  Bottle feeding makes gazing at Dad possible, and I love that. It's such a good moment the three of us share.

Well, be prepared for lots of Reid posts as his birthday approaches!

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