Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Fruits of Our Neighbors

Few things in life are as sweet as a set of good neighbors. 
We took a Sunday stroll over to the Kemper's for a nice visit, and we came home with a stroller-basket full of fresh picked apples and pears.

This picture does not do the quantity justice.
Times this picture by two, and you can start to imagine how much fruit we were blessed with.  I made two big batches of apple chips (the machine in the middle). And two big batches of slow-cooked applesauce (tomorrow's recipe of the week).

What did I do with the pears?  Well the ones this kid didn't eat . . .
. . . ended up juiced. I love our juicer. Even though I've been known to give Ben a little grief for all the random kitchen appliances we have, I'm actually really impressed by the one we use (second to) least. All I had to do was wash the pears. The juicer discharges the skin, seeds, and core and leaves me with nothing but pure pear juice. Two liters of it so far, and we still have enough pears for one more liter. 
It is so yummy; a natural sugar high.
Of all Ben's random appliances (yes, they were nearly all Ben's idea), the dehydrator has been the most worth while. I really recommend each household have one of these:
Making apple chips reminded me of an awful 7th period I had once. They truly were the worst class I ever had to teach, but I found one trick that calmed them all down. Apple chips. I'd literally bribe them that if they were silent for five minutes, I'd give them each one chip. This was the only way we ever got through 20 minutes of silent sustained reading. Even then, most of them just faked the reading and kept their eye on the clock for the whole 20 minutes. Oh middle schoolers.

Anyway, one last shot of the happiest beneficiary of our neighbors fruit:
 Reid actually helped his dad and Brother Kemper pick the fruit. He was in heaven for sure. This boy loves the outdoors. Plus, when they were all done he was already on his second pear. He was a juicy, chunky mess the whole walk home. In heaven for sure.

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Scott and Claudia said...

I can not believe how grown up he is!!! Must be all that good food mama feeds him from all the kitchen gadget daddy buys!

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