Thursday, October 6, 2011

Temper Baby

My little man is sweet. He really has been so easy. But there is no doubt in my mind he has a temper. Hmmm, wonder where he could have inherited that from?

My mom noticed it once while we were visiting. He was crying and crying and wouldn't go to sleep, so she said she'd go rock him. That didn't last. He knew what he wanted, and it wasn't his grandma.

The difficult part is, he gets physical when he's mad. If I pick him up while he's playing with something he shouldn't, he literally pushes against my body with all his strength. I'm really at a loss over what to do. He's not even one yet, so I don't think time outs will work. He couldn't possibly understand it's the physical anger he's being punished for. But he can't communicate, so we aren't able to talk about better behavior choices.

Oh bother. What have I got in my future?

I really want to teach him sign language, as it is proven to lessen tantrums. This makes sense, seems how it gives kids an outlet for communication. I just haven't been consistent enough in teaching him basic signs.

Ugh, why can't parenthood be cute little boys holding frogs all the time?


Scott and Claudia said...

I love that photo!!! Love it, love it, love it!

Troy and Lisa said...

We've watched Baby Signing Time and that has helped. And when I say "we" I mean "I" because she doesn't pay attention, but I at least learn the signs to teach her. Your breastfeeding post was great too. I had such a hard time letting go, I'm still nursing each morning and night, but can feel I'm drying up and it will be done soon. I just can't seem to nurse her that one last time...

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