Thursday, November 24, 2011

And on the morn of Thanksgiving...

I'm thankful for Health.

#1. Ben and I participated in our local Turkey Trot this morning.  This was something I always wanted to do out in Arlington, but just never got around to it. Remember earlier this week when I said I was thankful for Festival (grocery store)? Well, Festival sponsored the event and all the proceeds went to the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club of Wisconsin.  I really love Festival. But back to health . . . I'm thankful for the strong body I've been given, that makes it possible for me to participate in such an event. There was a paraplegic participating as well, and I wanted to go hug her.  But didn't.

#2 I'm thankful for the day in age we live in, where medicines and knowledge of healthy living can expand our lifespan, and make the journey a little more tolerable in comparison to earlier centuries or other nations.

#3  I'm thankful for vaccinations. I'm not even that bothered when Reid gets his shots. He's usually so brave, and only cries for a few seconds. Which is totally worth nearly eliminating the risk of polio, measles, and so much more.

#4 I'm thankful for the good health of my parents. And grandparents. I'm so glad I was able to enjoy 3 of my 4 grandparents all the way into their 80th years. I pray my kids will have the same great blessing, and that my parents will age with as much grace as their mothers.

#5 Did you notice I said I'm thankful for health?  I was not specific about good health. That's because I'm even grateful for the illnesses that occasionally occupy my body. As much as I hate dealing with the common cold or a knock out flu, I'm grateful for the gentle reminder that I am weak -- a mere mortal. I'm usually so dramatic over illness that I really do take the time to think about my Savior, suffering those same aches and pains, in order to succor me in my time of need. I take a minute to look forward with great hope for the day we will all be resurrected and given a perfect, immortal body. What a glorious gift!


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