Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Power of Music

Today I'm thankful for music. Why?  Because I don't know how I would have gotten through 2 hours of L'Bri work without iTunes! Don't get me wrong, I love working for L'Bri, but working from home is hard. It requires discipline, which I lack.

Anyway.  Five reasons I'm grateful for music.

#1 Hymns. My life would be nothing if it weren't for the powerful spirit felt by the hymns. You may say this sounds like an exaggeration, but it is not. My earliest memories of feeling the spirit are all connected to Hymns. I owe my life to the LDS Hymnal.

#2 "Pop" music in all it's variations. I've loved nearly every type of music at one point in life.  And even the types I've never deeply loved (R&B, blues, jazz), I've at least valued and sorted through.  I really love all the variations of radio tunes.

#3 Piano lessons. After reading "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" I finally understood the true value of my childhood piano lessons. Through that trial (and small talent) I learned you can do anything with the right amount of dedication and practice. I am convinced piano lessons help children build confidence, intelligence, and character.

#4 I-Pods. How cool is it that you can hold thousands of songs in your pocket? I remember roaming the wilds of 4000 West with a hand me down walkman, and thinking it was just grand. Who knows what the next 20 years will bring.  I can't even imagine.

#5  Hmmm, I'm going to single out an artist here.  Josh Groban.  His words are so uplifting and inspiring.  His voice is so soothing and absolutely amazing.  I've gone through lots of go-to's (everything from Tim McGraw to All American Rejects), but Josh Groban is my longest lasting love affair.  What a voice!

PS.  I really wanted to post my gratitude for books, but I did that one back in 2009. Darn! Come to think of it though, no one would notice the repeat.  (She gives herself a pat on the back for this small ounce of integrity).

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