Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Dream Team

It's kind of silly, but for a while now I've been thinking of writing a post about my political dream team. What's that you ask ... well, if I could choose our country's top leaders here is who they'd be:

President: Elizabeth Warren
Vice-President: Jon Huntsman

Speaker of House: Bruce Bartlett
Speaker of Senate: Barack Obama

Secretary of State: Bill Clinton
Secretary of the Treasury: Warren Buffet
Secretary of Defense: Ron Paul
Attorney General: Ben, because he said if I get to be Sec of Ed he gets to be Attorney General ... and I thought that sounded fair enough.
Sec. Interior: Larry Echohawk
Sec. Agriculture: This position is still open*** Governor of a big Ag state (ie Midwest) would be a nice qualification, a veteran farmer would also be nice. The only requirements are: deep understanding of farm subsidies and desire to reform farm insurance plans -- let me know if you can refer anyone ;) I'd consider Condolezza Rice for the job, but it's hard to find out if she meets my two requirements.
Sec. Commerce: Paul Krugman
Sec. Labor: Colin Powell
Sec. Health and Human Services: Mitch Daniels
Sec. Transportation: Cory Booker
Secretary of Energy: Al Gore
Secretary of Education:  Me, cause it's my dream team.
Sec. Veterans Affairs:  Karen Kwiatkowski

HUD:  shut down, because the government shouldn't be involved in home loans, and local communities should take control of their own "development" and only go to the federal government when they see fit.
Homeland Security: shut down (because the duties described here can easily fit under the departments of Defense and Justice).
I felt these two department closures were necessary as an attempt to shrink the budget crises and federal government bureaucracy. I also considered shutting down commerce and divvying it out to treasury, state, and labor -- but our country is in such a bad financial shape I'm hesitant to cut any of it's financial oversight departments just yet).

Clears throat please note I have two former Reagan financial advisors and eight conservatives total (not all the conservatives are necessarily Republicans -- some are Libertarians or Republicans who recently switched to Independents (thanks Bush II for forcing some to make that change!)).

I picked politicians/intellectuals I feel are balanced enough to WANT to work with both sides and sincere enough they put middle class families and values first -- not wealth and power. I really wish those characteristics were easier to find in today's crop of Government leaders. Sigh.


Scott and Claudia said...

In case you didn't know it Reaganomics is what helped get us in the grant financial mess we are in today. Reagan and Thatcher worked hard to build the number of millionaires and decrease the middle class. They have succeeded very well. I would trash the two Reagan cabinet members.
Love, Pa

Liz Szilagyi said...

Well, if you looked up the two Reagan cabinet members you would see that they have both moved STRONGLY away from the Republican party ... which is why I like Krugman and Bartlett. Who better to have fix our economic problems than two guys who know exactly how their former party intentionally ruined the middle class? Bartlett openly speaks of Bush II as the worst President ever (even though he worked for Bush I) and Krugman won a nobel prize for his work in economics and is shouting from the rooftops that we need Keynesian economics right now, not Reaganomics.

Father, I appreciate your concern ... but trust me ... I understand how Reaganomics (and Clinton and Bush II's continued tax cuts for the wealthy) have led us into this mess.

It's shocking (and disturbing) to see how many former Reagan and Bush II employees have completely changed their stances after working in those cabinets. I picked Karen K because of her close interactions with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield. After working almost daily with them she has become a very open critic of the Bush II foreign policy plan (which is the same sort of neoconservatism Romney wants to continue).

Trust me, I picked my conservatives wisely. But I picked them because a one party dominance is not healthy. We need balance. I choose experienced individuals who don't blindly follow their party lines.

Scott and Claudia said...

May all your dreams come true! Mom

Anonymous said...

Tell your Mormon Republican Utah friends that one party dominance is NOT healthy. Most of them would strongly disagree, but the smart ones would agree with you. Like I've always claimed, it's time the brethren divided us up again!! But I am sure they could care less about what I think...

Thanks for the explanation of why you picked who you did. I can buy your choices now that you've explained why. I just know that Romney will be a turn backward for our country at such a critical time. But the real enemy is the Supreme Court if you want my opinion and I'm afraid they'll become more conservative before they become more liberal and that, my dear scares the HELL right out of me. They wield enormous power and their current interpretation of the law scares me.

Love, Pa

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