Sunday, July 29, 2012

Two months ago ...

When we got back from Utah I had good intentions of documenting our trip, and it turns out the original post is still in my "drafts" section.  So I might as well share it!  

Yes, this was an end of May trip, and yes the first four pictures are of snow! Man I loved me some mountain time!
Reid and I on our hike near Wheeler Peek, NV
Ben's great photography
I love National Parks, and Great Basin is my "home park"
We headed to Utah to spend some time with my little brother before his deployment to Afghanistan, but the timing couldn't have been better. Our stay overlapped my older brother's family visit from Nebraska (he's doing his residency there). And my Dad's big sister organized an extended family, family-reunion for Memorial Day weekend.
Reid's 2nd cousin Alison took him on his first horse ride, over at my Aunt Jackie's house.
My brother Jon (the Dr) taught the kids how to rope a sheep.
And I enjoyed the open space of my desert/farm home.
On Monday we had a big lunch time get together with everyone. We laughed hysterically over a "getting to know", or maybe it should be "trying to remember", your extended family questionnaire (really, even Ben enjoyed it and he obviously knew very few of the people included in the game). My Dad was so busy trying to remember things about his nieces and nephews that he often forgot to include his own children on the form. Not that I have much room to talk, since I missed the question about my own mother. The food, company, and questionnaire was the adult fun. But the kid fun included homemade ice cream and a pinata. I'd say my Aunt Paige out did herself when planning this great family reunion. The loudness and the laughter that abounded throughout the weekend sure made it easy to remember how much I loved spending time with my Bassett family as a kid.
Reid getting ready for his first swing
And for Reid, some "bonus" fun included this cooler of ice and ...
... enjoying any stray capri suns he could get his hands on.

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Scott and Claudia said...

Your post makes me homesick bigtime for my wonderful family. I love you all so much. We need to plan someway to get together annually. We had so much fun -- and I promise next time you come for Memorial Day, I will spend more time with you Sissy Sue!! Love you, Pa

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