Saturday, September 15, 2012


I don't really remember "nesting" with Reid. We moved into a new place mid-August, the same week I went back to work. And then I worked till the day delivery started ... so I really don't think I ever had time (ie the energy) to nest. I do remember freaking out and making Ben clean the whole house the night before Reid came along.

Apparently that is part of my nesting style, making Ben do things. This time around I'm making him get all the furniture ready. He thinks I'm silly for sharing this dresser photo and story, but I just want to brag about him for a minute. I really wish we would have taken a before picture.

Before, this dresser was white with lots of stickers on it. Like big sports stickers and other goofy things teenagers think are cool.

We were at a "Shelf Reliance" party when the host asked us if we needed a dresser. I think she was totally inspired, because the question was kind of out of the blue, and she's just awesome in tune with the Spirit like that. Financially, the plan was to repurpose an old dresser as opposed to buying a new one. I'd looked at local thrift stores but the one dresser that didn't have a broken drawer (or two or three) was $100 -- not much of a bargain if you ask me. The dresser our friends gave us looked a lot less appealing than the thrift store dressers, but was actually in much better shape.

Ben sanded it, put three coats of paint on it, and spray painted the hardware. The picture doesn't adequately show how cute it is. Thankfully, Ben's parents brought us an old (but super sturdy) twin bed frame that Ben will also sand and paint for Reid's room. Once we are done with those projects we plan to paint the walls a gray/blue. It will be so cute! Little does Ben know I also plan to have him make a bookcase out of old pallet board. Then, the only furniture I'll have to "buy" for Reid's room will be a nice toddler table for crafts and play and such. In five years when all those big plans are done, I'll post a picture of his completed room.

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Anonymous said...

Nice job Ben. I'm sorry Liz makes you work so hard. Can't wait to see the dresser up close!!

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