Monday, March 18, 2013

The first bug

I can't even tell you how many posts I start but never publish. A lot. 

Now that Reid has had his first day without anything totally yucky come out his body (other than a booger or two), I'll post what I started last Wednesday afternoon. Enjoy all the details of motherhood!


Reid caught his first 24hour flu on Monday. He threw up once over the holidays at Grandma's, but I think that had more to do with his diet than any sort of virus. So, this was my first time caring for a vomiting-mess of a child.

Twenty loads of laundry, several couch cleanings, and two carpet shampoos later ... and I think we are in the clear.

Most his belly contents were contained in the loads of laundry. He only got the couch once, and he never actually got the carpet. But I figured if I had the carpet cleaning vacuum, why not? I'm so thankful my sweet friend Jamie brought it over by noon on Monday. She also brought Reid some oyster crackers and Thomas apple juice. He was in heaven yesterday when I finally let him have them.

I'll spare all the yucky clean up stories. I just want to jot down some of the humor.

Like when I refused to give him any milk (thinking we were out of it) he said (in his whiniest voice) "go gas station mommy." And when I insisted "no milk Reid," he planned the whole trip out. "Daddy come home. Go mommy's car. Take card to gas station. Get milk and treat."

Wisconsin's big gas station chain has a fabulous kids' club. Any time you take your kid with you to buy a gallon of milk you can show them your kid club card and get a free cookie, donut, apple, bagel, or orange for your little one. He loves the program, and I'm quickly realizing it is their way of guaranteeing your tween will make you buy them a snack every time you fill up on gas for the rest of your life.

(Thursday evening, the first time Reid went anywhere in public, we finally went to the gas station and he got an apple. Ben is seriously in love with the whole arrangement. I have to admit, it is pretty cute watching my little guy come out of the gas station with a look of pure joy, shouting "apple mommy apple" as he holds it out with both his mittened hands.) 

Anyway, he begged to go to the gas station all day Monday and Tuesday. This morning, he finally had his first glass of milk. The burp that come up after it terrified me.

Poor Nell. She was pretty neglected while I spent all day Monday cleaning up Reid and monitoring him for the next barf. She's still remained all smiles. She is such a smiley baby! This morning Ben and I laid her in bed and competed with one another for her smiles. She just kept her eyes going back and forth between us, but her smile never faded.

I sure hope she doesn't get sick, and that none of us do. I've kept the kids locked up because I'm a firm believer in not going anywhere until it has been 24 hours since the last diarrhea/vomit/fever.


Update: I think we all avoided it. Ben hasn't felt great since yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, but he doesn't seem to have any sort of bug. This week is going to be crazy busy. Two kids, church callings, social life, taxes, and a house to take care of sure make me and Ben feel grown up ... and worn out, ha ha!

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