Thursday, April 4, 2013

6 month Nelly Bean

Happy, even after a day of immunizations
I can't believe my little girly is already 6 months old!  She is the smiliest baby ever. I really can't get over how easily she gets excited.

She loves to jump and kick her legs. The moment she hears her bath water start to run she just gets so excited and starts swimming around on the bathroom floor. One night she was sitting on her dad's lap watching Reid take his bath and she got so worked up each time Reid would dunk himself. We couldn't decide if she was worried about him and screamed for his safety, or if she thought it was funny and was shrilling with excitement. Either way, we all loved it.

At her six month check up the Dr commented on how much Nell loved Reid. She must have said at least three times "look at her, watching her big brother" and "oh, he makes her so happy, look she's so happy right now."

Random side note, our Dr is Indonesian. We originally had a young white guy, but when we went in for a non-well child visit and met Dr Budiasih, I just had to change. I'm like the opposite of racist, which I think still makes me racist. Either way, we love her! Her depth of medical knowledge balanced with her realistic approaches to parenting are a perfect match for me. But yes, I do think one of the greatest things she has to offer my children is a little diversity in a metropolitan area where 96.7% of the population is white. Her accent makes me feel "at home", and we love to chat about naan, curry, canai, and more!

Back to my Nelly Bean. Oh the nicknames that girl has! Nelson, Nell Belle, Nelly Bean, Nelly Belly Boops ... basically whatever strikes my mood.

She is a small little thing. Oh wait, being in the 50 (weight) and 70 (height) percentiles isn't small right? It's just so surprising to me because a) she was born in the solid 95s and b) her brother was nearly twice her weight by now. I'm shocked she actually stayed in one clothing size for almost three full months and is still wearing size 2 diapers (3s at night).

She is loving solid foods. She grabs at her spoon and opens really wide when she's in her booster seat. But also, if I'm eating something and holding her at the same time she tries to eat it as well! She seems to be eating bigger quantities than Reid was at this beginning stage. She really caught on to the concept of eating solid foods quickly. We can't decide if that is because she was really ready, or if she just watches Reid so much and is learning from him.
Bring on the real food!

She started eating solids about a week before her 6 month mark
She has started having separation anxiety. Last night at YW I left the room for a minute and she just kept playing with a couple of the Laurels and having fun. Then, as she noticed I was no longer in the room, she burst in to tears. Complete sobs! Hysterics until I returned.

About a month ago she started watching me leave her room when I put her down for naps. Serious crying always ensued, so we decided she was ready for her own lovey. I thought we could just use a dolly she got from Grandma at Christmas time, but she was always much more cuddly with Reid's puppy ... and we all know sharing that during naptime would not be an option! So I went out and got her her own monkey. Reid was thrilled he had "two puppies!" She's been much better about settling down for naps now, but I'm not quite ready to give it to her at bedtime. I'm such a stickler about no loose items in the crib. I watched her on the monitor very closely the first couple days she had monkey. I know what you are thinking mother (and father), I'm Grandma Geniveve!
Bonding with monkey, sweet face

Serious face
She is not the best napper, though she does sleep a straight 10 to 11 hours each night. She started waking up once or twice, hungry, each night a couple weeks ago, so that's why we started solid foods a little early. It seemed to help, because she quickly returned to sleeping through the night.

We sure love our little girl! She has the sweetest mood about her at all times. Even when she fusses, she is easily calmed down, and goes right back to smiling. She has always been a social girl, and prefers to be held facing out so she can watch the crowd. They sure do show their personalities right from the start!

Oh, and she is a thumb sucker!
Getting a nap in whenever/wherever she wants!

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Anonymous said...

Cutest little girl! We love and miss her and her big brother so much. We can't wait for you to come home in just 12 more days!!! We are so grateful you have Rick and Carol so close by. They are so very good to you and we so appreciate their presence in our absence.
Love, Pa

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