Friday, June 21, 2013

Day Out with Thomas

Last Saturday our little family of four, plus Grandpa and Grandma Wagee (or Szilagyi, depending on who you ask) drove up to the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay to meet a very special engine. I'm not sure who was more excited, me or Reid. Ever since a friend blogged about her families' "Day Out with Thomas" I've been dying to take Reid. The kid is in love with his Thomas.

He had such a serious face on during the entire train ride, and he would not stop looking out the window.

This little cutie finally cut her first tooth just the day (or two) before.
Love those beautiful blue eyes.
The event was a lot of fun, and the bottom picture sums it up well. Reid already had his eye on a new activity, but Dad was holding him still to try and take pictures of his Thomas tattoos. Of all the activities there, the tattoos were probably his favorite, ha ha. Indoors they had coloring, train building crafts, tattoos, Sir Topham Hat (who was creepy like a school mascot), and all the permanent museum trains and exhibits. Outdoors kids could play in a bouncy house or slide, on a playground, or in a huge sandbox. There were other activities we didn't get to, like a bubble and mist room and some video viewing. 

We only stayed a couple hours, to avoid meltdowns. I think I'd like to try taking Reid on a weekday in a year or two. It would be a great all day adventure if you plan right. 

Before leaving Green Bay we stopped and had lunch at Lambeau field, which was a really cool experience. I'd love to go watch the Packer's play someday, but for now I guess I'll just have to settle on having eaten a delicious lunch in the stadium. 

It was a very happy Father's Day weekend at our house!  


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I loved the pictures. The kids are getting so big. We miss them!

Grandpa B

Scott and Claudia said...

He was pretty serious about that train ride! Can't wait to take him to The Polar Express! Looks like great fun for kids and dad alike!

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