Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mr Turtle

Three weeks ago we were all out in the yard doing clean up work when our neighbor stopped mowing the small ditch between our two houses and waved Ben over to ask, "is this yours?" Ben looked down into the ditch, expecting to find one of Reid's stray toys, and found a turtle!

I immediately thought of how excited my mother would have been had she been there. My mom is a creature lover extrodanaire! And despite my long list of reservations for getting a family pet, I really want my kids to love and experience animals the way I did as a child (name a pet, we had it).

You can tell by the pictures that Reid wasn't too eager to get up close and personal with Mr Turtle. Nell on the other hand, was loving it! To be clear, Reid loved Mr Turtle when Mr Turtle was running around in the grass. But I'm not so sure Mr Turtle loved being chased by a ginormous two-year-old. Most of us think turtles are slow ... I assure you when a forty pound two-year-old is on their tale they are NOT slow!

We decided to take a break from our yard-work and go set Mr Turtle free in our neighborhood pond. During each of our visits back to the pone we look for him, but haven't seen him yet. Hopefully he likes his new home. And hopefully we didn't kidnap a neighbors pet and set him free.


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Scott and Claudia said...

Loved your turtle tale!! Too bad Reid could not have been here for our Rubber Boa Constrictor snake! It was pretty cool also. Remember our turtle that only had 3 legs? He could go fast for a 3 legged turtle!
Love ya, Mom

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