Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kirtland, Ohio

Now that I've been to Cleveland more times than I can count on one hand ... I can finally say I made it to Kirtland, Ohio!

What a wonderful experience it is to sit in such sacred places. One of the most amazing things about my Mormon beliefs is that I know the administering of angels continues in our day. Modern prophets lead God's children once again. The authority to act in God's name, to call down the powers of heaven, have been restored.

Kirtland, Ohio Temple, built 1835

Kirtland, Ohio is one of the key places of this modern day restoration. I sat in the room where Elijah, Moses, and Christ himself appeared to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdrey. I felt of the spirit that was shared during the school of the prophets.

I can tell you, without a doubt, that Christ is merciful. That God is love. Seeing these angels and these miraculous events take place for myself could not strengthen my faith anymore than having simply felt of the love that exists in those holy places.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints I am privileged to work with young women ages 12 - 18. This year we have focused on the phrase "Stand Ye in Holy Places." One of our greatest goals as leaders is to teach the girls that they can be their own holy place. Holiness lies within us.

I am amazed to think I can carry the charity of Kirtland, Ohio in me wherever I go. There is no better goal I can seek after, as a mother, than to make my home feel like such a holy place. The love my children will feel from me pales in comparison to the love of the Savior, but it is my greatest honor to work towards keeping that love in my home.


Anonymous said...

Loved your blog. I would love to visit Kirtland someday. It appears that the temple is in need of repair -- looked kind of run down. Loved your thoughts and testimony...

Scott and Claudia said...

You do a SUPERB job in keeping love in the home! AS does Benjamim! Love you all!

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