Monday, July 8, 2013

Many faces of Nell

Our four state drive didn't seem so bad thanks to this sweet girl. She really was a dream to travel with. And I wouldn't know how well/horribly Reid traveled ... since he did most the round trip with Grandma and Grandpa. 

More of our Cleveland adventures to come!

Only a mom (and grandma) can admire how different those four pictures, which are essentially all the exact same, are. 


Anonymous said...

Adorable! We hate to miss all this Grandma and Grandpa time. We are extremely jealous of the Szilagyis! Ben must promise us that in eight years you will move west!!!

Grandpa B

Scott and Claudia said...

Those photos are all unique! Love her tippy tongue in number one, two teeth showing in number three, see more tongue and mouth in number 3, and love her upward look in number 4. All unique, all the same sweet girl!

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