Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The story of summer*, told by my phone

Despite the massive amounts of pictures I post on this blog and facebook ... there are still so many more I don't share. And when it comes to photos, it seems I forget about the ones -- and therefore the memories -- I don't make "public." So tonight, I bring you 10 random photos from my phone, or rather; memories I don't want to forget.

1. Reid making crafts at the grocery store. Seriously this service is free when I shop the best deals in town.

2. Nell, in her "my mommy is taking a shower so I have to be caged while I watch TV" pose.

3. One of my favorite primary kids blowing bubbles for Reid, in our backyard, just days before this wonderful family moved out of our ward.
4. Playing firefighter at the children's museum

5. And construction worker.

6. A goofy video, for some live action.

7. On a Safari, during Daddy's first trip to the Children's museum


8. Our nightly walk routine.
9. A craft we did for a combine YW/YM activity. And no, they didn't all have to make princess temples, the other option had our "Stand Ye In Holy Places" theme on it.

10. When we have germs we'd rather keep to ourselves (than share at the tot spot), we grocery shop in style.

Seeing the chronological display of my summer makes me realize how much my baby has grown up the last couple of months. It's so fun, and so sad all at the same time. 

*For legal reasons I am compelled to tell you the first two pictures were taken during early June ... and therefore are not summer pictures, but spring pictures.


Megan said...

I love these pictures. It looks like you have a great children's museum! And lucky you that the grocery store is kid-friendly!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the late Spring and summer tour of your activities. I am so glad you had an alternate to the "princess" temple -- I was near gagging -- especially thinking it was a combined YM/YW activity! Did you have a "prince" option?

Scott and Claudia said...

What wonderful photos! I LOVED Reid on the safari shot! And, your craft turned out very, very nice!! You do have a most lovely grocery store! Thanks for posting photos of my cute grandbabies!!

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