Monday, November 4, 2013

Mormon Messages Monday: God's Greatest Creation

For months I've felt prompted to share some of my favorite mormon messages on social media sites. I can no longer ignore this idea, and from now until the end of the Holiday Season I will (strive to) share one mormon message video on this blog and facebook each Monday. Part of my hesitation is my failure to finish blog themes in the past, but I figure it can't be too hard to sit down each Sunday night and type up a piece of my testimony. Wish me luck!

The Faith of a Scientist
I have never, never, understood how people can say their study of science buried their faith in God. As a child I was taught God is the greatest scientist and that makes absolute perfect sense to me. I know He created all things, both in Heaven and on Earth (Col 1:16, Mosiah 4:9). I know His divine design makes my living, breathing life possible. As I've stood in the wild jungles of South East Asia and the deep canyons of the American West I've had it confirmed to me that there is a God and that He is majestic.

In awe I watch my little babies grow, and I am reminded that God is supreme. He is the Scientist.

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Kelli said...

I love this. As I studied biology in college I had a couple professors (one in particular) who seemed to be out to shake people's faith. He would present ideas and try to show, "see...this is clearly science, not God."

But as I studied for my courses, I did so with an eye of faith. My understanding of our Heavenly Father grew and my faith was strengthened. God is surely the greatest scientist and He uses scientific laws to bring about His great purposes.

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