Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I'm trying something new. I'm writing this blog post from my phone. Which means I am literally talking to myself. Because who has time to type text into their phone, when they can speak words at their phone and have their phone type it up for them? Technology is crazy. It rocks my world.

Last night we celebrated the New Year at our YMCA. I'm so thankful for family friendly community organizations. There was a bounce house for Reid to play in, balloon drop at 8 PM, and, our personal favorite, free ice skating. I was actually quite surprised when Reid was eager to ice skate after seeing the rink. Even after putting on the skates and slipping and sliding everywhere his excitement did not wane. We went around the rink two times, which took about 45 minutes. I had to bribe him with the New Years Eve balloon drop in order to get him to stop skating. If Ben and I were rich we'd probably have a hockey player on our hands. The tall slide on the bouncy house did scare him and he only went down at once, but the ice skating rink was a blast. What a boy.

I'll try to upload some pictures. If this really works we might be in trouble. I've flirted with the idea of setting a New Year's resolution to write one blog post everyday. We'll see how that goes.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like alot of fun!
Love, Grandpa

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