Friday, January 24, 2014

Moms need breaks too

I have the best hubby. Earlier this week he asked me what I thought about him taking the kids down to his parents house for the weekend, since I had a church activity that was going to take up about 5 hours Saturday. When I told him I didn't have to attend the activity he still planned on going.

"I'd still like to give you a break," he said thoughtfully.

Last night when I asked him why I needed a break but he didn't, he (obviously) mentioned that I am with the kids all the time, and he isn't. When I asked why he thought I needed a break, he didn't hesitate to tell me I've been kind of short with them lately. I didn't even get mad at him for saying that. Because it is true.

I don't know if it is the extreme cold we've had this January, or the ages and stages they are in, or my constant health worries (I'm not really sick, I just have a mole that needs to be dug out, not simply removed, but surgically dug out ... and I think my ovaries have cysts again ... nothing big, but still two things I can't get off my mind).

I really don't know why I need this break. But I do. I need it.

I'm sure going to miss this cute, book loving, kitchen playing doll face!

But I need a break.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the break. You do have a good hubby, I agree.
Now -- take care of that health. Quit worrying about it and do something about it! Worrying will only make it and you worse!!
This is your father speaking, so do it!!! NOW...
Love, Dad

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