Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Murder Mysteries

I've finally gotten into the new Sherlock series. I don't know what took me so long. I've always loved murder mystery type shows. It started with the 1991 Commish series. I remember watching it with my Grandma Hardy a few times. Sweet memories.

Or maybe it started with Matlock reruns? Matlock was the only suitable day time TV during my youthful summer days. I still remember racing inside at 11:00 (or was it 10:00) to watch it. Then it was lunch and back outside. 

Ben (and my Grandma Beulah) love(d) Murder She Wrote, and Ben (and my Uncle Jack) love(d) the Law and Order series (regular and SVU, mainly). Together, Ben and I got into Bones and Shark, I am still disappointed the later never took off. I tried my hardest to watch the former all the way till the end, but I gave up at about season 7 or 8 (Ben stopped at 4).

Now, now it's Sherlock. I am in love with Dr Watson. I am in love with the fact that the series airs as a PBS masterpiece program. I am in love with the fact that Ben and I have, once again, found a TV show to enjoy together. 

Here's to many, many seasons to come!  

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Riki Lee said...

Oh, how I loved Matlock. He inspired my first career choice, which turned out to be nothing like tv. Of course. now I'll have to check out this Sherlock!

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