Thursday, January 16, 2014

Today's jewels

Work is play, or is play work? I have no idea how my phone made that snow fall, but it really was snowing while I took this picture. So yeah, my phone is a robotic genius.

Two things of note in this picture. 1) Those plow lines ... really are his. The kid and this truck actually help me clear the snow. Love it. 2) That little blurb by the garage door, that's Nell. In a stroller. I went out to warm up the car and shovel (half) the driveway before going out for the day, and while I was shoveling I could hear lots of banging on the back door, the kitchen/garage door. I went to open it and found two cute little faces on the other side. How could I say no to that? So, I hurried and got them ready for the cold and we shoveled together before heading off to preschool co-op.

Today's other jewel --
Look at that action, both hands working at once!

That's what I get for assuming she was quietly watching TV while I made dinner. I finally thought to go check on the kids and this is what I found. It isn't near as bad as it could be, seems how I always panic a little when I realize she isn't in the room she is suppose to be in.

The other day I actually couldn't find Nell anywhere. It was a real panic. Then I thought to check the basement. We never leave the door to the basement open, but sure enough when I went around the kitchen corner I saw it cracked just enough for a sweet little baby to get through. Luckily she learned how to shimmy down stairs at Grandma Bassett's house! I suppose I can thank her cousins Noelan and Hudson for that.

Tonight, Reid reassured me, "It's okay to grow up Mommy!" And he's right, it is okay, but I sure wish I could slow some days down. 

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Anonymous said...

Yes, mother dear, it is okay to "grow up." Take Reid's advice and chill a little. Perhaps you need "just a sip" of Granny's Pepsi!
Love ya! Pa

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