Thursday, January 9, 2014

Some old news

This post is coming almost four weeks late, but I came across something that stirred up some old thoughts. And I want to share them.

I present: an analogy.

Let's say my local public radio station wanted to run a story on Christian stay-at-home moms (that'd obviously deliver high ratings). And let's say I was picked to be interviewed for this piece. The day the story airs would be an exciting one, and I'm sure my hubby and some local members from my congregation would listen in.

Well, imagine if I was asked about monogamy and my response was that I didn't believe in it. Take it even further (for a more accurate analogy), and imagine that in this interview I spent a good four minutes talking about how much I dislike monogamy. I find it old fashioned and it certainly isn't working for my marriage. Then throw in some discussion of private parts and sexual desires just to make sure things are "R" rated. Pretend I'm crude and disrespectful.

Now, obviously there would be people from the audience that agree with what I've said, but there would also be people who find my language distasteful, to say the least. Certainly my husband and other Mormons listening would fall into the later category.

I'm sure the comment thread on the published interview would make for an interesting read. But most interesting would be the reaction of my local congregation and my husband. Two parties I have made private contracts with in regards to my standards and my conduct.

Naturally my LDS Bishop would call me into his office to discuss the termination of my position as the Young Women's President. This is a position I serve in, in my local congregation. As a leader to Young Women ages 12 to 17 I am expected to live the most basic commandments of my faith (like thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not commit adultery, etc). I would also face some consequences in my marriage.  I have sworn before God, my husband, and all witnesses present at our marriage that I would commit to a monogamous marriage. If I came out on a public forum and trashed that vow, surely I could expect some consequences.

No one would come to my rescue, shouting that I deserve "freedom of speech" as guaranteed by the US Constitution. That would be absolutely absurd!

Imagine how foolish someone would look if they argued that my local congregation and my husband had no right to call upon the private contracts we have made with one another and act accordingly. Imagine how foolish someone would look if they argued that the consequences of my actions were proof that people who don't believe in monogamy are being victimized and oppressed in America.

Of course, if the government punished me for the things I said in this imaginary interview, every American should be outraged. If the government stepped in and censored that interview, it would be a violation of my, and every American's, rights.

But I seriously want to find one person who would argue, that under this analogy, my Constitutional rights are such that neither my husband nor the leaders of my local congregation could use my statements on monogamy against me. That they have no right to terminate my leadership position in our local congregation. That my husband has no right to seek marriage counseling, or even divorce, based on my comments. That the private contracts we have made cannot be used against me, in an effort to seek correction for my actions. Really, find me one person who would make that argument.

Almost four weeks ago millions of Americans did. And it still totally baffles me. 

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Anonymous said...

Ever so clever!!!

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