Saturday, January 4, 2014


My post(s) for today are (once again) almost a year old.

I found two more drafts I wanted to publish, but I posted them under their original dates (or at least, what I guesstimate their original dates to be).

Here they are, in case you are curious.
You'll notice I still don't have a baby picture of Nell up. Sometimes, a mere picture stops me from pushing the publish button ... how silly!
And I could never post this one, because I never posted the dare to compare 1.0!

Looking over these old posts sure made me miss my babies. But I wouldn't trade their current stage for the baby stage, not even for a second. Nell is always babbling, smiling, and just being plain ole adorable. And Reid's imagination and diction are the best entertainment the world has to offer. But it sure is fun to remember those kissable baby checks without having to deal with all the drama of a brand new baby!

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