Friday, February 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes on Valentine's Day

1. This is the Valentine's Day card we sent out to family:

2. A friend of mine planned a Valentine's Day party for a group of moms and our kids. Reid was horrible. Horrible. I really just wanted to pack him up and take him home, but it was a pot luck and I'd brought an activity and some toys for the kids, so I couldn't envision the logistics of just leaving during the middle of the party. He had a few time outs, and I made him apologize to two girls after a kicking tantrum that they were near. He always seemed to recover from his terrible-ness, and he did spend a good chunk of the party well behaved. Overall, we both enjoyed our time and the party was wonderful.

But that's the thing about parenting -- you are always second guessing yourself. In hindsight I think I should have just left. Maybe I'll have to give him a three tantrum rule. One tantrum, forgivable. Two, final warning. Three, we go home. Even if it is in the middle of a party I want to (maybe even feel like I need to) stay at, I pack you up in the car, sort out all the other details, and we go home.

I don't know, maybe I'm the only parent that that second guesses my responses (even ten hours later).

3. For V-Day Ben gave me my choice of movie and no complaining from him. I picked Admissions. I'd say it is the best new chick flick I've seen in a long time, but really it is one of the only new chick flicks I've seen in a long time. The competition isn't steep. I watched one or two others in the last three years, but really I'm out of the new movie scene. I'm totally okay with that too.

Tina Fey. Paul Rudd. Not your same old story. Even a few plot surprises in the end. What's not to love? Ben did honor his gift as well, we snuggled the whole time and he didn't complain (okay, one smirk near the end, but I forgive him). It was a perfect V-Day evening.

4. We sold Ben's old clunker today, the '97 Toyota Corrola he drove to and from work for two years. The guy who bought it delivers pizzas for his second job and didn't want to keep putting the wear and tear on his truck, not to mention the gas mileage. Hopefully it will prove to be a worthwhile investment for him, just as it was for us. Hopefully the '99 Honda Odyssey we bought in its place will be an even better investment. Yup, those are the only two cars we've bought in our (almost) 8 years of marriage. One day we'll splurge on something made in the present decade (or century), but not until it is in our budget.

5. Nell snuggled me through her whole nap today. Both kids crashed on the car ride home from the party. Reid was easy to transfer from car to bed. He woke up, but only to say "take my coat off" and "sleep with me." I gave him his first request and then told him I had to get Nell out of the car before I could honor his second. He was asleep before I finished that statement. Nell was much harder to transfer from car to crib. She kept waking up when I tried to lay her down, so we just snuggled together in the rocking chair for two whole hours. I am not a napper, and though I did snooze off for a couple minutes it was not a comfy sleep. Overall it was worth it though, two wasted hours in uncomfortable positions, all so I could snuggle with my girl while she slept. Love her.

6. I don't really get why stay at home moms get so offended when people ask things like "so what do you do all day?" I keep seeing all these "mom war" type articles on facebook and I really just don't get it. When I've been asked "what do you do all day?" the question was always sincere, not judgmental. A simple response could be, "Well, what do you imagine a day care provider does all day? Combine that answer with the chores a mom, working outside the home or not, has to do and you get my day." Simple.

7. Tomorrow will feel like another work day at our house. Ben is going to wake up early and visit some clients at the jail. Then he is going to a gun show with a friend. I don't love having (what feels like) a six day work week, but I suppose it isn't the worst.

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Anonymous said...

Loved the V-day card!!
Gpa B

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