Saturday, February 15, 2014


Once there was a boy. His name was Ben. He loved Costco.

A lot.

When we lived in Virginia we were walking distance from Costco. Had our 10th story apartment faced a different direction, we could have seen it from our balcony (instead, we saw the fire station and park). During the weeks when I traveled to Utah, Ben would spend nearly every evening walking through Costco. We roamed around the store for date nights. And when we were really tight, we even had our actual date night dinner there (and then redboxed it for the movie). In fact, the moment I realized I was pregnant, we were at Costco. No I didn't use a pregnancy test in their bathroom, but we were roaming around when the first flakes of Snowmageddon started falling, and I called my best friend in Utah to talk about her newborn baby, and I just realized "I'm pregnant." It was weird to know without taking a test, but I just knew I was. Right there in the middle of Costco.

Anyway, today we drove the hour north to Green Bay and signed up for Costco, again. It's been three years since we last went to a Costco, but honestly it felt so routine. How weird is that, that we went to Costco so much that going back (to a different location) three years later made me feel like I was 27 again. I honestly remembered what it was like to not have kids. That feeling didn't last long, since Reid insisted on running through every aisle (which I gladly let him do) and Nell insisted on screaming for my attention (which I had to give her). It was nice to remember those calm, boring, pre-kid years. The years when Ben and I had so few cares and so much free time. 

I know it's just a store, and I'm totally playing up the sentimentality, but I have say one last thing, 

Costco > Sam's Club. By like a billion.

Oh, two more. I'm so excited to have Ling Ling potstickers again. We practically lived on those!


Scott and Claudia said...

I really need to try Costco's someday!

Anonymous said...

I suggest you change Reid's middle name to Reid Costco Szilagyi. Was this blog your way of telling us you are expecting again?

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