Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dress Up Day

When my parents came to visit after Nell was born, they brought me some of my old dresses and outfits. She was blessed in the same, hand made gown I was blessed in. And yesterday she wore the below pictured dress to Church. Despite looking 30 years out of style, the dress (and the cutie in it) were both given many compliments. People love classics, or should I say the 80s. One male member of our congregation mentioned it looked like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. But in private Ben pointed out that Dorothy wore gingham, and this dress had more of an Alice in Wonderland look to it. Then I pointed out that, that is why his co-workers tease him. That and the fact that he has no interest in today's Super Bowl game.

Anywho, here is my little Alice!

With that goofy, crooked grin she may even look like me in this picture!

Trying to get a picture of her was like a wild goose chase.

When she was willing to sit still, she wouldn't look at me.
Please note the toothbrush, one of her favorite toys. The girl's got clean teeth!

Later in the evening, the kids got into Reid's dress ups. Reid wanted to be a train Engineer and play with his Thomas train tracks. Nell went from construction worker, to Superman, to cowboy, back to construction worker in a matter of three minutes. I couldn't help but wonder if her constant change in outfit was her girly girl showing through! Then I realized, I had some girl dress ups for her that might finally fit. She went through two of those, but in a longer stretch, maybe eight minutes. First she was Tinkerbell and then Ariel. 

When I said to the kids "Nell, lets go get your princess dress ups." Reid burst with excitement, "Nell can be Cinderellee! I want to be the bad guy!"

So as we looked through her Disney Princess dresses (all of which I scored at garage sales and Goodwill -- woot woot) he grabbed the Snow White dress, looked at the picture of Snow White on front, and then proclaimed that he'd found the bad guy from Cinderellee. I suppose the brown hair does resemble Drizella. But he sure doesn't look like a bad guy to me!


Anonymous said...

Cute dress-ups. I recognized Nell's Sunday get up right away. You were so cute in that dress, AND Nell is just as cute. Oh, for the good old days, but then where would Ben, Reid and Nell be? Not watching the Super Bowl! Loved that comment. I didn't watch the Super Bowl either -- what a couple of nerds...

Scott and Claudia said...

So cute of Nell! Next photo you will have to put pink foam rollers in her hair and sit her on the piano bench! So loved the fact that Ben recognized the era of the dress. Yes,it does look more like an Alice dress. Thanks for sharing the photos of those cute grandchildren of mine!

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