Friday, February 21, 2014

Internet Quizzes

In order to post each day I have to take inspiration from other sites. I'm just not creative enough to do this all on my own. Tonight, I take inspiration from Amy, @ motherhood and miscellany. (who happened to be the second person I saw doing quick takes, so that idea was also kind of from her).

Like Amy, I have created a habit of taking almost all of the random quizzes people post on facebook. I rarely share my results, I already post too much on facebook. But I am thrilled each time I see one of those silly quizzes. It's like my Seventeen magazine is showing up in my mailbox all over again. Cause seriously, that's all that magazine subscription was good for, personality quizzes on the school bus!  

So far I have a strong Salt Lake City accent (go figure). I should have been a humanitarian (teacher is close enough, right?), and I particularly loved the last line in that summary "you is kind, you is smart, you is important" (okay, so I know I've read at least one fabulous piece of literature since joining the ranks of motherhood). I belong in Wyoming (shout out to Carolyn), but I am an Idaho Mormon (I don't know how I would have reacted if I had been given "Utah Mormon"). Now is an appropriate time to say that I don't have strong opinions about some of the questions' answers (me not having strong opinions, shocking, I know). Like I only chose team Jacob because I feel like saying "I don't care" is a vote for team Edward, and that'd be disastrous. Also, how am I suppose to choose a favorite Killers song? Especially when you don't have Sam's Town listed. Anyway ...

The most difficult one I have taken so far was the iPersonic Personality test. I wish I could remember what result I had the first time, just now it gave me Groundbreaking Thinker, and I don't think that was what I had the first time. I remember the result using a word that sounded fresh. Maybe that word was "groundbreaking." 

Much less serious ones I've taken have informed me that if I were a Disney Villian I'd be the Queen of Hearts, and if I were a creature from the Hobbit, well, I'd be a Hobbit.  

The most inaccurate one was which clique would I be if I went back to HS. I should have known not to take that one. Dumb. 

So if you ever post one of those silly quizzes on facebook, please know you will have forced me to waste 10 minutes of my day. Yes, forced! I just can't resist them! (okay, that's a lie, I resist a lot of the character ones, mostly because I have no idea what show/movie those quizzes are referring to). 

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Amy said...

Aaand now I just wasted 15 more minutes of my life to learn that I'm Cruella DeVille and would now be in the Stoner clique (so totally off base). I'm the same way that the only ones I skip are usually the ones that are from a show or movie that I'm not familiar with. Haha!

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