Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Purse Dump

The other day I was glancing over a blog titled Catholic All Year and I stumbled onto her "The Big Purse Dump" post. I thought it'd be fun to do a purse dump as well.

Only, I don't have a purse. I have a diaper bag. That's it.

Even if I go out sans children I just stuff my wallet, phone and keys into my pockets. I've never really been a purse girl. I can only think of one I had and used. It was a bridesmaid purse from my SIL Bizzie's wedding. That is the only one. I'll occasionally take one around if we are on vacation, but that's really it.

So, the big reveal (which is not at all exciting).

At the very bottom of the main compartment were these extra outfits. Always prepared! Reid hasn't used an extra outfit in a long time, but I know the day I finally take it out he'll have some huge crisis.

I somehow lost the changing pad that came with the diaper bag, so I put this fancy one on a wishlist when I was pregnant with Nell and Ben's kind coworker bought it for us. So basically, I carry a diaper bag inside a diaper bag. I'm cool like that. (Also, did you notice I'm a walking Skip Hop commercial?) For quick runs in the summer I'll take just this red diaper bag. It can hold an outfit for both kids, a couple of diapers and my phone and keys. Currently, it only had that wipes container in it, which only had one wipe in it. So good thing Nell only had two poopy diapers instead of three while we were out and about today.

The smallest zippered pocket holds all my personal items -- and I do confess I removed a feminine product on Monday after reading the original post on Catholic All Year. I didn't need it any more anyway. That was the only cleaning out I did, promise! My personal items consist of a mostly empty pack of Orbit gum, some L'BRI hand lotion and chapstick, some Ricolas (which like the feminine product, I haven't needed in a while -- thankfully), and a Bath and Body Works hotel lotion I've never actually used (why would I when I have L'BRI?).

The only baby items I have are these four finger puppets (which were tucked away in the front pocket) and these two size 4 pampers cruisers. There are some restaurant napkins under the diapers. My mother-in-law put them in there for times of need a couple weeks ago. They've been handy enough. The napkins and the diapers are in the largest zippered compartment.

Noticeably missing are all the snacks I usually haul around. Monday (before reading the post on Catholic All Year) I was finding snacks I didn't even know I had in there. Reid was pleased to eat them while we waited at the Drs office for Nell's appointment (poor girl has an ear infection again). I even challenged him to find an extra snack, confident he'd eaten all I had, only to discover there was one more snack baggie full of goldfish tucked away in there somewhere.

Today, I packed our entire lunch in here, plus three water bottles. There was also a book in there this morning, I'm not sure where that has ended up. We spent the morning at the Building for Kids (children's museum), because there was a special book reading of Dr Seuss's The Cat in the Hat.
Neither of my kids were super impressed with The Cat. I'd even say Reid was a little terrified. But yeah, I packed us two PB&Js, some gold fish, and some gerber graduates (well, those were just for the kids). But they were obviously all eaten at the museum and no longer in my "purse" this evening. Neither are my keys, wallet, and phone -- which were all removed and shoved into my coat pockets when I went out for Church Youth Group activities earlier this evening. So quite by chance, I dumped a fairly orderly diaper bag out. 

This would be a totally different post if I were to play this game on a Sunday. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

What a clever way to announce your pregnancy! We are so excited. Details...

Liz Szilagyi said...

What? Um, you are crazy.

Anonymous said...

Well you removed the feminine product in your dump because you didn't need it anymore. I just thought you were being mighty creative in making an announcement! Just anticipating #14...
And only you would know if I'm crazy or not -- takes one to know one!!!

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