Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some quick takes

1. Though I haven't put up a new post each day, I have still been writing one each evening. So why aren't they posted? Well, they lack pictures. But tonight I admit defeat. I'm obviously too lazy to log onto my Macbook and find the right photo for each post. Someday I will. For now, I'll just post them picture-less. I mean, I'm almost a week outdated!

2. The kids are sleeping so well together. I love it! I especially love having a toy room. My front room still isn't toy free (and probably never will be), but I love having a separate room for all their major play things. Most of all, I LOVE that Reid hasn't been waking us up in the middle of the evening lately. Also, he no longer needs his 7-watt lamp. His glow in the dark planets and sun/moon night light are enough to comfort him now that baby sister sleeps across the room.

3. Remember how I mentioned I prepped and submitted my LDS missionary papers in a 24 hour time period? Well, last night for our mutual activity our Bishop spoke to the youth group I work with (ages 16-18) about getting their papers ready. To quote him "it takes months to make sure you have everything in order. This process takes a lot of time." Now, you could argue I had the papers for months. I did. But honestly, I only took them out of my desk once or twice between October and February. It really was a miracle (a divinely inspired one) that I did it all in an evening.

4. I've started selling gently used items on facebook. I'd bet every area in the country has a craigslist style page. I find Facebook groups are a much more user friendly way to sell and buy items than craigslist. So far I've sold three items/lots and made $11.00. Technically, we sold our old car on there, so $411.00. I'm hoping I can have some more luck in March, as I put more items up for sale. I figure whatever doesn't sell will just get donated to Goodwill, and that's fine by me. I find these sort of on line rummage groups much more enjoyable than actual garage sales (which Ben loves). It isn't so hit or miss -- just search what you are looking for.

5. The other day Reid played my Sarawakian Conga drum and made up the cutest song about fire trucks driving on railroad tracks. I was in heaven, and when he finished I told him his song made me happy. Well, today he kept throwing toys when he became frustrated. He had about three timeouts over exactly that; I was at a loss as to what to do because the timeouts obviously weren't working. As I was doing the dishes I told him I was very mad at him. He immediately burst into song. When he finished his firetrucks and trains song, he asked me if I was happy.

Told so simply, that story probably doesn't sound as sweet as it was. In the moment, my heart was melting, and I reassured him I would always love him, even if I am mad. I ended our heart to heart by reminding him throwing things still isn't safe. He can't cute his way out of trouble yet.

6. Nell says the word "books" so clearly it is almost freaky. Mommy, daddy, and books; those are her words. Love that girl!

7. Ben has consistently lost all of the weight he put on during our marriage. It took him a year or so, but tonight he put on some pants he bought while studying abroad in France -- the thinnest he's ever been in his adult life. I'm so proud of him. Now, if only I could get his motivation to rub off onto me. 

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Anonymous said...

Loved the post and congrats Ben. I'm happy for you.

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