Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Craft

I think my blog could be a cheerleader for pinterest. Today Reid crafted a brilliant idea I saw (multiple variations of) on pinterest.

The Process!
You'll notice he placed about 5 or 6 squares down before he decided it'd be best to just dump them all out. I love his own spin on creativity, but the big dump shortened the craft by (I'm assuming) ten minutes. This is my big beef with crafts -- I feel like I spend twice as long on prep and clean up than he does on actual creation. Oh well! 

"Mommy, can I just dump them?"

After the big dump we did have to spread the squares out and search for ones that weren't stuck on well enough. Then we re-homed them onto another part of the heart. I know I keep saying "we," but I really try to be hands off during craft time. I've read that is the best way to help kids grow creativity. 

There was still quiet a bit of unused stick on the contact paper, which made it perfect for hanging on our sliding glass door. Reid even said "It'll be perfect when the sun shines through," while I hung it up. Sometimes his thought process is pretty impressive!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fun activity! I hope it was an early morning one -- as it looks like Reid is still in his PJs!

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