Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ah, the weekend

I'm amazed that after pumping out three consecutive days (Thursday through Saturday) I still find there is so much to say. I haven't even touched on the events of this weekend.

Ben's parents came up to visit us yesterday morning. We went up to the Eagle viewing area in Kakauna, WI, about 30 miles North of us. We did see a few Eagles, but nothing like last time. Speaking of last time, here are some pictures from last time. I took them off my father-in-law's SD card.

Somehow I didn't get the picture of the five Eagles perched just above these ducks. You can actually see one on a lower branch above the water, but he was one of at least five (he might have been #6) Eagles that were staked out above these waters. The group of them was quiet the sight.

But back to this weekend. Saturday evening Ben's parents watched the kids while he and I went out to dinner. We went to an Indian restaurant, followed by some goodwill shopping and Barnes and Noble perusing. We talked a bit about all the fabulous restaurants at our disposal in DC (we had to drive 30 minutes to get to the Indian place, in DC we didn't even have to walk 10), and we remembered the careless hours we use to spend browsing book stores before we had children. Life in DC feels like ages ago, but to date we have lived more of our life in Arlington, Virginia than we have in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. That will end in the next six months, but it is still weird to think about.

The passing of time seems to change once you have kids.

Ben's parents left early this morning. His dad wasn't feeling well. I guess Reid and I didn't disinfect well enough! Hopefully Ben and Nell have both passed it. I am so over the flu! Poor Reid has had it three times this winter. Granted, one lasted less than 12 hours, but still -- three middle of the night "mommy, I need the garbage can" call outs is plenty. However, head colds around here have been very mild. Knock on wood. We have seen very little runny noses and horrid coughing this winter, maybe it was too darn cold to catch the cold!

Well, I think we have all had enough of my Sunday evening ramblings. The details of the last four days were not gloriously written, but they were written. And so my goal of posting daily lives on!  

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