Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Helpers

The hand prints on my windows may be gone, but now there are streaks. My kids love to help me clean. "I'm a great helper mommy!" is one of Reid's common phrases. And he is. Friday evening he insisted on following me around the house, disinfecting every surface we could. 

Nell was also helping me wipe down windows (early Saturday morning) just before I snapped the above picture, but that girl won't stay put long enough for me to snap a photo. After the windows were all clean we moved onto the toilet. I saw an idea on pinterest that swore it could remove that yucky urine smell, one that mom's of little kids are guaranteed to have. 

First, Reid and I experimented in the kitchen. We mixed baking soda and lemon juice. The fizz and the smell were delightful. Using the toothbrush to scrub the base of the toilet was just as exciting to this little boy of mine. 

He is a great helper indeed Lately he's also wanted to help by taking pictures. He's not so bad! At least now he is including my head in the frame.

A month ago at a Relief Society gathering, one focused on improving family relationships, we were challenged to all say one thing we were good at. I said I was good at accepting a messy house. I know that there will be a day my living room floor isn't littered with toys. Eventually I won't have to scrub the dinning room table and sweep the dining room floor after every. single. meal. Even every snack. The messes are temporary, and they are something I'm willing to accept if that means more time making memories. More time teaching valuable family skills. I am okay with the messes, and I am okay with the clean up being less than perfect, so long as I have my happy little helpers around.  

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