Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fourth Sunday of the Month

Thanks to some encouragement from our Stake (Diocese) leaders, we (and I mean mostly I) decided that one of the laurels (girls ages 16 and 17) would teach the fourth Sunday of each month. I gave them the option of teaching in pairs or as individuals. Most of them chose to teach by themselves, and they actually picked their topics with lightning speed. When I first gave them the news they all grunted and groaned, but once I put the list of 12 topics in front of them they quickly started fighting over their favorite ones. In that moment I knew I'd made the right choice.

Despite their complaints, I'm grateful we've made this arrangement. We all know the teacher learns the most; I'm so grateful this gives them an opportunity to study the Gospel. Also, they learn the importance of participating in lessons. I know it will prepare them for their futures, as missionaries, mothers, and leaders in their congregations and communities.

It has been wonderful to sit back and watch each of them bloom as they share their 30 to 40 minute lesson with the class.

The two young women teaching today shared a couple of my favorite Mormon Messages videos. So I'll add them here.

Happy Sabbath!

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