Saturday, March 22, 2014

I love boring

Today was fabulous.

We cleaned and organized our basement storage/laundry room. We loaded up a big box of Goodwill donation items (and only bought a tie while browsing). We filled a bag with food items and dropped them off at the food pantry.

Boring never felt so good.

After a morning of cleaning up and cleaning out, Ben and the kids took naps while I freshened up the look of my blog (which may have involved a lot of cursing, but I think it turned out alright).

Mid-afternoon we took a trip to the library. I browsed Parents magazine. Speaking of cleaning up, it feels good to no longer subscribe. Don't get me wrong, I love reading Parents ... but I hated the pile up on my night stand. I finally just chucked them all, let my subscription expire and will occasionally skim them at the library.

Back at home Ben and Reid watched a movie, and I cooked dinner. Nell ran around the house like a crazy 18-month-old and left messes everywhere she went.

After dinner we did chores and our bedtime routine. We had lots of new books to read, and while Ben and Reid enjoyed several different non-fiction, vehicle picture books, I started putting some glow in the dark stars on the bedroom ceiling. Reid has been begging for them to go up for months (and months and months). He and Nell gazed with excitement as we tucked them in and closed the door.

Boring never felt so good. 

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Anonymous said...

Boring is nice, I agree!

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