Wednesday, March 12, 2014

While I'm in the Kitchen

I don't know if all stay at home moms feel like they spend half their day in the kitchen, or if that's just me. What is really puzzling to me though, is that my kids always want to be in there with me. So even though I spend hours in the kitchen, it is never clean. Never. There have even been days when Ben walks in the door (from the garage to the kitchen) and I quickly declare "I did two loads of dishes today!" Then we both look around at the mess, and even I begin to doubt whether or not I actually did those two loads or not.

Well, here are some videos of my children entertaining themselves while I work in the kitchen.

I actually think that was one of the days I did two loads of dishes, and it still looked like a hurricane came through.

The first two were taken Jan 14th, the one of just Nell was Feb 6th. I found them while browsing through my phone library tonight. Which I did because I couldn't think of a post idea for today! I found it interesting that both sets of videos I'd taken but not shared were of my kids entertaining themselves while I cooked/cleaned in the kitchen. The End.

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