Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Night Quick Takes

1. I did a little project today while the kids napped.

I'm pretty pleased with it. I tried to pick out a fabric that was playful enough for the toy room -- which will be it's first home. I will use it to hang up the kid's art work and preschool projects. I also wanted the fabric to coordinate with the bedroom furniture and decor -- incase it moves in there someday. The color matches the yellows and blacks of Reid's furniture and wall hangings. And finally, I wanted it to look fancy enough to fit an office, just in case it winds up down there one day.

2. I wish I remembered all the funny things Reid says each day. Just an hour or so ago he made both Ben and I burst with laughter -- but neither of us can recall what he said. I do remember a moment earlier in the day, when he peeked through the crack between the couch cushions and said "I'm going to use my raccoon eyes to see what's in here." Okay buddy.

3. Nell Belle's been really into songs lately. She claps her hands and says "happy" when she wants to sing "If you're happy and you know it ..." I think my favorite is her "e-i-e-i," when she wants Old MacDonald. She also loves Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and Itsy Bitsy Spider. She just bounces with excitement while we sing. She's such a cute little bug.

4. This Cliven Bundy stuff -- I've been trying not to blog about it, since I know my sass will come out. But seriously, how can people stand by this guy? I'm not even going to say anything about his totally racist and asinine comments. I just want to address the whole "he was ranching there before the BLM even existed" line. I see that and hear that everywhere.

So let's look at a timeline. The BLM was born in 1946. Cliven Bundy was born in 1947 or 48. So, if you want to get technical -- no, Bundy wasn't ranching the land before the BLM came in and destroyed his life. He didn't even have a life. But I'll be fair, his Dad was ranching the land before the BLM was created. But who was the land's personified father? "Someone" must have owned the land before the BLM came in to manage it, right? Right, the United States Government did!

So let's say the Federal Government is the BLM's Father. Which father was there first, a Bundy Dad, or a US Government Dad? Well, the Bundy family started ranching in 1870-1880. The Federal Government (which Bundy denies as existing) has owned the land since the 1848 Treaty of Guadolupe Hidalgo. Eighteen-forty-eight people! Just to be extra clear, 1848 came before 1870. Case closed.

Or at least it should be. But lots of people still don't really get how the government can justify owning all that land and how Bundy can't make a legal claim to it. This is why it is important for people to learn history. Two important historical points. 1) Manifest Destiny. In it's time it was a hot political topic. Many great leaders (Abraham Lincoln for one) did not support it. Yet, it prevailed. Essentially those thirteen original colonies that made up the USofA decided to steal (and sometimes purchase) land from other nations and peoples. So basically those 13 colonies bought modern day Nevada with their lives. They fought a bloody war to win it from the people of Mexico. Their union, the Federal Government, has owned all unsettled Nevada land since 1848. 2) Homestead Act. Bundy's family could have purchased that land through the Homestead Act. The Homestead Act made unsettled land in the west easy to purchase and claim. The land in dispute was available for purchase via the Homestead Act from 1848 until 1935 -- when Nevada State Grazing laws would have made purchase of the land a little more competitive and pricey.

People can argue that the land should be given to the people of Nevada or the state of Nevada, I'm fine with that argument (and would even make it myself), but to ignore law and history in attempt to argue that, because Bundy's ancestors have worked that land since 1870, they somehow "own" it? That is straight up dumb. By that logic, African-Americans would own virtually all the land South of the Nation's Capitol. But hey, maybe then they'd still be picking cotton and things would be just honky dory, right Mr Bundy?

5. Why can I not discuss some topics without spit fire? I guess I'm just really, really, really, really, really, tired of seeing anyone stand by this guy. His racial comments tipped the iceberg for me. There are a lot of hot button issues where I can politely express my opinion while also honoring opposing thoughts -- gay marriage, abortion, legalization (or criminalization) of drugs, immunizations, etc, etc. Cliven Bundy lost his spot on that list when he "wondered" -- out loud -- whether or not "the Negro" was better off as slaves (okay so I lied to you at the beginning of #4, I said two things about his comments -- but writing this all out has helped me realize that his comments are the reason I can no longer maintain a polite tone while I discuss Mr Bundy).

6. Today's weather was so wonderful. We met some friends at our neighborhood nature preserve and playground, and we just let the kids run wild. It was so nice. One little boy even yelled "it's summer" from atop a slide right before he jetted down. Almost, almost summer.

7. Next week is going to be crazy for me. I have three lessons to prepare. Preschool co-op O is for Ocean, stake wide activity day girls' The Armor of God - sword, and Sunday's combined Young Women lesson on Prophets and Revelation. Yikes, that is a lot of prepping that will just turn into procrastination. Better get on it!

Happy Weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the decorative wall display. You are quite the Suzie. As for Cliven Bundy. Quite simply, he is an ass and anyone that supports him in anyway is an ass as well. Plain and simple. Pa

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