Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pear Trees and Steak

Last weekend Reid casually told my in-laws we were going to get pear trees for our yard. I thought it was hysterical. I've been wanting to plant pear trees since we moved in! Apparently Reid has picked up on that. Today we finally did it (well, we planted one of them). I told Ben they could be my mother's day present -- one from Nell and one from Reid, labor from him.

I love watching Reid help us in the yard. He is so serious about helping and takes great pride in his work. "I'm a great helper, huh Daddy?" he beamed as he steadied the tree. We really put him to use each time we work in the yard. Not only did he help with the tree, he also helped pull maple tree start ups out of our flower bed. He hauled the wheel barrel around for Ben while Ben cleaned the gutters. A couple days ago I put down some pesticide and today he helped me remove all the earthworms we could find in the treated area. I hope they make it. Why would anyone want to kill worms? I was only hoping to kill the hundreds of little ants and spider-looking-things homing down near my apple trees.

For dinner Ben grilled some steaks. Nell loved it. Reid did too, but Nell could hardly get enough. I think my favorite part though, was that ten minutes after dinner had ended she was still chewing on a piece. Who knew steak was little kid gum? Just watching her roam all around the house while smacking down on a piece of steak was cracking me up.

I sure love those two spunkers.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome to plant fruit trees. Phil and Rena have planted six in their yard. You'll have to have a contest to see which bears fruit first -- or in the case of Phil and Rena's whose dies first!!! Love, Pa

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