Thursday, May 1, 2014

Little Miss Independent -- for now

Nell is such a puzzle to me. From the get go she wasn't a super cuddly baby. Which was sad -- but also okay because I had another child to tend to while she was in infancy. She'd have spurts of clingy-ness, only brought on by illness or teething. But more recently, out of nowhere, she kind of became a momma's girl.

Until today happened.

Today, I took the kids to the drop in day care at the gym and Nell walked right in all by herself, even before Reid. She didn't look back -- none of her usual crying and ninja like gripping. It was such a welcomed surprise.

This evening Ben and I went out for a date. It was an invite that only came up yesterday, and yesterday afternoon when I asked Reid if he'd want a babysitter (for tonight) (like his answer mattered) his response was "That's not a good idea. Nell will just freak out." I went ahead with the babysitter, but I figured Reid was absolutely right.

Sidenote: I love the legacy of Mr Rogers -- but I don't love that Peg says "totally freaking out." I'm pretty convinced Mr Rogers is with me on this one, he's probably rolling over in his grave over some of the stuff on Peg+ Cat. Alas, I can't blame the Mr Rogers foundation for my child's use of this phrase -- my kid obviously watches too much TV. My bad. Back to the story at hand.

When we left for our dinner Nell was not one bit concerned. Our babysitter held her at the window and she waved as we drove away. When we returned the report was all positive. Nell didn't fuss at all during bed time. No freaking out. In fact, when babysitter put her down and shut the bedroom door, Nell did her usual "bye bye" wave.

I probably shouldn't read too much into Nell's new found independence, but I honestly love it. I feel like a good parent when I know my children are secure in the presence of others. They know mom and dad always come back. They know they are loved with or without us present in the room. Clingy-ness isn't a sign of bad parenting, but I feel like a winner during moments of healthy, happy separation. 


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to give my Nellie Bellie hugs and kisses. She is growing up, Sis. Watch out!!! Love, Gpa

Tiff said...

I love the episode of Daniel Tiger where they sing "grown ups come back." It's been really helpful with Quentin who is much more cuddly than his little brother.

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