Sunday, May 18, 2014


By the time we made it to Church Nell's first set of pigtails had already fallen out. I had to redo them, but even the new set only lasted a few hours. The second time around I remembered to leave a little out in the back, so that she'd have a strand to twirl. The girl loves to twirl her hair! I can't get her to keep anything in her hair -- and it doesn't help that it is so fine things just fall right out.

Whenever I attempt to do her hair, she refers to it as "pretties." The other day when I put her hair up in a Cindy Lou Who ponytail she actually waved to her pony and kept repeating "hi pretties." It was hilarious. The only problem is, she loves to touch her pretties. So the waving was quite the improvement. She loves to pull out barrettes and then immediately insist I put them back in her hair. I'm sure that one day she'll learn to just leave her hair be, but honestly ... I'm not the mom who loves doing hair ... so I'm okay with the usual messy mop that resides atop her head.

Right now she's in her crib singing "Happy Birthday to Nell." I'm not sure where she picked up on that song, but she's been singing it since she woke up! We put them to bed about an half an hour ago. I guarantee Reid is zonked out, since he didn't nap. But she'll just keep singing to herself until she twirls enough hair to put herself into a deep sleep. I honestly don't know if she can fall asleep without twirling her hair. 

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Anonymous said...

I love those pictures. She is absolutely beautiful. It was fun skyping with you today. Can't wait for the real thing!!! We're going to have SOOOO much fun!!!

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