Monday, May 19, 2014

Runaways and Grandpa

This morning we had a playdate with a couple of friends. The three little boys played so well together and were pretty much out of our sight the entire time. That was lovely.

Nell on the other hand, she needs my eyes on her more than I admit. We came back from the grocery store just as it started to rain. The kids wanted to stay outside and play, but I really had to put groceries away and use the bathroom. It isn't unusual for me to let the kids play outside unsupervised, but usually I set clear rules "only play in the backyard" or "here is some sidewalk chalk, color until I come back." This time I assumed the rain would be all the boundary they would need. I could not imagine them wondering far from the shelter of the roof's overhang.

But soon I heard Reid's highest shrill. I ran outside to find Nell in the middle of the street, pushing her stroller, chatting with a neighbor who was kind enough to stop beside her and wait for me to come sweep her away to safety. Reid actually got a little hurt trying to stop her from going out into the street, I'm not exactly sure how -- but still I was proud of his efforts. Poor Nell, was happy as could be, soaking wet out in the middle of the road ... so she certainly learned no lesson from this experience.

Lest people think I always let my kids run wild in the street -- we live near the end of 1/4 mile long dead end street. Only about 8 (of more than 25) houses are further north (toward the dead end) than ours. So we get about 10 cars passing by our house throughout the entire day. Still, no reason to let kids play in the street unsupervised. I definitely teach them not to go in the road without me (thus Reid's heroic effort to stop Nell), but having them wonder down the street unaccompanied is not my biggest neighborhood safety worry.

Anyway, Ben's dad drove through town on his way to a business trip in Green Bay, so we had dinner and dessert together. The kids loved Grandpa time and were crawling all over him. There was definitely competition for his attention. For dessert I made some rhubarb cobbler. As a kid this was a common Sunday treat at my house, so when Ben came home from a church meeting with a bag full of rhubarb I told him the only thing I knew how to do with it was make dessert (which isn't a lie -- I think that is the only thing my mother ever did with our rhubarb).  

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Anonymous said...

Cute, cute photo of Grandpa and the kids.

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