Friday, May 30, 2014

Sibling Play

Some days these two play so well together. This morning Nell put one of my bras around her neck (it's a favorite thing of hers), so then Reid asked me to put a "daddy shirt" on him. They just ran around the house playing like mommy and daddy for nearly an hour.

Late morning I mowed the lawn and the two of them played together, happy as could be. I took a break to move some items in the backyard and quickly noticed Nell had a handful of mulched grass smushed into her scalp. There is no way it got there from rolling around, it was definitely thrown at her. Reid had some in his scalp too, so it was probably a favor returned.

We went inside for some baths and Nell began asking for "Ooaf, moose." I conceded and let them watch Frozen for the billionth time. I had to comb Nell's hair out a hundred times before all the grass finally seemed to disappear. Reid's all came off in the bath.

This evening we went for a family walk and once again they played together so well. I can't remember a single squabble they got into all day. Oh, if every day could be like this.  

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Anonymous said...

The joys and sorrows of having siblings!!!

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