Saturday, June 28, 2014

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Reid has been so excited for our plane ride to Utah. I'm not even sure what number plane ride this is for him -- 7 or 8? He is such a great traveler. He wore his spider man backpack and pushed his monkey suitcase all around each airport. He slept for most of the first flight, and was well behaved for the second. He loved looking out his window for mountains and snow.

Nell on the other hand, Nell is not a great traveler. Even at her age, I never remember Reid crying on a flight. Nell was so tired but absolutely refused to sleep for our first leg. I think she was passed out before our second flight reached full elevation. So that was nice, having at least one sleeping kid on each leg. It was also really nice to have Ben around to help. The flight home will be interesting.

My Dad actually flew out to Reno yesterday, so we had a nice family car waiting for us at the airport. We loaded up and headed to Ogden, Utah, to have dinner with two of Ben's sisters. It was nice to meet Katie's boyfriend. Reid and Nell loved playing with cousin Jazella. It was fun to watch the three kids run around the backyard and enjoy one another. After just a few hours we are loving our time here in Utah.

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