Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Nauvoo Day 1

There is something I want to get out of the way right now. The next four days worth of blog posts are going to be written several days after the fact (it is Monday, June 23rd right now). Thankfully, I still have our very detailed (and tight) itinerary, and so capturing the details of my Nauvoo trip shouldn't be too hard.

I thought about taking my computer with me to Nauvoo, knowing I'd want to a) keep up on my daily blogging and b) blog about the experiences of each day. But ... our packing list specifically asked us not to bring personal computers. Now, I'm an adult and obviously our packing list was made with a 95% teenage audience in mind, but I'm a rule follower. As a chaperon, I felt like it was my responsibility to follow all the guidelines the youth were asked to follow. I packed four pairs of socks, knowing full well I'd only wear one. I didn't pack my shorts that go slightly above the knee cap, even though they are obviously temple appropriate. Strict obedience to the packing list was my first obligation as chaperon.

But back to Wednesday's activities.

Poor Ben, I had, had, to kiss my kids goodbye before leaving at 5:50am. Nell did not even stir, but Reid woke up and asked for chocolate milk. I gave it to him, as a bribe that he not bug daddy until his blue moon turned into an orange sun. It worked.

Most of today was consumed by traveling and checking in to our hotel. We met our groups, which were randomly assigned. I totally lucked out and I can say with confidence that my group was the most low maintenance, no conflict, no whining group around. They were super awesome. I had two girls from my local congregation and a couple of youth I recognized from other stake activities. But for the most part I had to learn everyone's name from scratch. We played some fun getting to know you games and shared some custard together through out the two or three hour getting to know you time.

We joined back together as a big group (Stake) for dinner, theatre (Sunset on the Mississippi, awesome performance by service and volunteer missionaries), and a singalong at the temple. Can I just say, it was amazing to spend four days in a town with a temple. The only time in my life I have lived in a town that had a temple was when I lived in Logan, Utah. I miss the peace that comes from viewing God's masterpiece from almost any location in the valley. Those mormon pioneers sure had a knack for finding the perfect spot to build their temples. From almost anywhere in Nauvoo you can look out at the landscape and find the temple's beauty.

An aside, I have only been to Nauvoo one time previous to this trip. It was a short day trip with Ben, and on that trip he proposed, right in front of that temple. He was gazing at the grandness of temple and I, at the grandness of the Mississippi. What a special city for the two of us to share. I was grateful for the opportunity to return to Nauvoo and learn more of its history.

Us back in May 2006

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