Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I'm about to head out for four days. Childless. Well, without my children ... but definitely with other people's children. Teenagers, none the less.

But I'm anxious. I love youth conferences. They make me feel young and spiritually energized, and an occasionally break in the family routine is a good refresher for all of us around here. Ben has taken off work to watch the kids, and his dad will be coming up to help do some work around the house.

I really wanted to do something fun tonight, for my last evening of the week with my kiddos. I'd mentioned swimming at the Y to Ben earlier this morning, but by the time dinner was finished we were both so tired that swimming sounded like a lot of work. So we simply took the kids to the nearby park. It's easy walking distance, but we drove. Seriously tired around here.

I loved watching the kids run around on the playground equipment. Nell had two big scares, and she usually has none -- so that wasn't fun. But watching the joy in her face as we swung side by side was absolute heaven.

Kind of random, but still on topic. We caught some frogs at our local pond last night. Ben got the aquarium all set up and the kids were thrilled. Reid's goodnight to the frogs was "I hope they like their new home." He said it with such a sweet, tender voice. Ben and I both melted.

He spent the first ten minutes of the morning hovering near their new home. I actually had to kick him off the stool and set a timer so he and Nell could each take turns watching the frogs.

Sadly, they weren't taking to the pet store food we were offering them, so we decided to return them to the pond (which is right near the playground). Probably a wise decision, but now I think we'll have to go buy a frog or fish from the pet store. That aquarium won't disappear without a fight. Personally, I'd love to get a tiny little turtle. What are the odds pet stores sell those?

Anyway, there were moments in my day where I thought "You won't see your kids for four days ... do better than this!" Like when I ignored them to do some political researching. Or when I yelled at Reid for wearing his shoes in the house and getting mud all over the carpet. So I'm grateful the evening ended so well.

At bedtime, Nell was a lot more snuggly than usual, and Reid was my regular ole' best buddy. I haven't even left yet and I already can't wait to see them again on Sunday!  

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