Thursday, July 31, 2014

5 Fresh Foods

Ben asked an intriguing question this evening. If you could have five foods always stocked and fresh in your refrigerator, what would they be?

My first thought was, mmm -- what kind of cheese and yogurt would I choose. But honestly, I think I'm becoming lactose intolerant. It totally bums me out and I don't want to talk about it. Let's just pray it is a pregnancy thing and it all goes away once the baby arrives.

So my answer (for now) is:
1. Chicken Breasts
2. Eggs
3. Apples
4. Green Beans
5. Mangoes

Yup, I am not a high taste kind of girl. Really, I'd love to have fresh steak or even ground beef ... but I just wouldn't eat them enough to justify always keeping them stocked. So I was practical when I came up with my list. I'd never tire of the five things above, and I'd easily eat each one more than once a week.

The other night I steamed up a batch of green beans right from our garden and I seriously thought I'd died. I could have eaten the entire pound! When we play outside Reid asks to snack on them (or the peas) and it just makes me so happy. He's anxious for the carrots to be done as well. That boy really loves our garden.

Thinking about this just makes me miss having fresh mangoes at my fingertips. I remember my very first night in Malaysia, the home we were visiting served a HUGE plate of fresh mango. I'd never had it before in my life, and though I enjoyed it ... I could only eat a few pieces. But, they insisted I eat a ton and I almost ate myself sick. I just found the taste and texture so overbearing.

Oh what I would give for that giant plate right now!

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