Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bassett Family Reunion

While we are here my dad and his siblings are having a family reunion. It started this afternoon with a cookout in Oak City Canyon. This was Reid's first time in a canyon. He even understands that they are the breaks he can see in the Mountain ranges, and at first he didn't really believe us when we said we could drive right into some of them. He was pretty excited as we entered the mouth of the canyon.

At the cookout he buddied right up to his 2nd cousin Griffin (my cousin Lisa's little boy). They played rescue, a game where Reid hung off the end of the picnic table and screamed for help, Griff (who was on top of the table) would ran down and pull Reid up by his neck. It was pretty funny to watch. Reid probably has 15 to 20 pounds on Griff, but Griff was the hero regardless.  They also went on a couple walks to the creek together (a grandparent took them each time). Reid would run back and tell me about all the things he threw in and all the splashes he made.

Reid also attempted to climb part of the mountain with his older cousins, but he got stuck in a tree (medium sized bush) on his way down. He still loved going up, but after his third time getting stuck and crying on the way down, we put a stop to his climbing. Had I been nicer, I would have found him an actual trail and helped him feel victorious over the mountains, but as we stand now he probably thinks they are impossible to climb.

The canyon had a really bad fire a few years ago, and it doesn't resemble the lush green I remember as a child or teen. And even the lush green I remember from when I lived in Utah is nothing compared to the green outside of Utah. Still, that canyon is one of my favorites. Something about having explored a place makes it all the more memorable. I did ask my dad to drive up the road before heading home. It was fun to see some of my favorite places again, namely Walker. I always loved camping there. Whether it was for girls camp, weekend night with friends, or just to go watch a meteor shower -- that was always my favorite spot. 

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures, sis! Thanks for keeping my memory keen. You probably should have labeled them with the names of the grandkids so when I look at them in a year or two, I can recall correctly who is who!!! Love, Pa

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