Friday, July 4, 2014

A Union's Birthday

The morning started with some big bangs. Literally. The town of Delta must own 20 colonial time period canons (even though UT was still uncharted back then). I definitely woke up feeling like I was in some sort of war. So did my kids. And my mom's cats.

Three hours later (yes, the canons were a before 6am thing) we headed down to the parade. My Aunt Syd made all the kids candy collecting bags that were so cute. Reid and Griff were buds again, and we kept finding them standing side by side with their arms around each other. Or, right in front of an elderly couple splashing in a super yucky puddle.
My brother Matt's kids.

Candy lookout
Nell didn't care much about filling her bag, but sweet Ava gave her some goods.

Nell and Ben came back to my folks place for a nap after the parade, but Reid and I went to the city park for some fun. He did not enjoy this bouncy wagon ride:

And he'd only get on the horse if I rode with him, so there are no pictures of his horse ride. Really, he just wanted to play in the splash pad and on the playground equipment. I was mean and wouldn't let him, I figured we could do that anytime.

I got him a hot dog and lemonade and that seemed to calm his whining for a bit, but then we had to walk a couple blocks to the car (parked at my brother's house). He screamed and cried the whole way there. He just wanted to stay with his cousins and couldn't quite figure out that he would see them all right after his nap.

He napped for three long hours, but once he woke up we went out the my Uncle Howard's farm for a BBQ. He didn't eat a thing. Why eat when there is a bounce house, slip and slide, trampoline, sand box, and swing set to play on? This was Griff and Reid's last moment of play together, but they had lots of fun filling dump trucks with buckets of sand. Nell wouldn't eat anything healthy. She kept finding half eaten cheetos on the ground and that was about all she had for dinner. Super.
Uncle Phil helping out with the slide part
I'm going to throw this up all over the car in less than an hour.
On the drive back to my parents house Nell fussed and fussed and then threw up. I'm pretty sure the poor girl had heat exhaustion. That mixed with all the parade and Cheeto junk she'd eaten simply created a disaster. I cleaned her up, Ben took her seat, and my dad got the car. We all had our work cut out for us. Luckily she fell right to sleep when we got home and didn't fuss at all for 90 full minutes. So Ben and I decided it was safe to take Reid to the Demolition Derby. That was the highlight of our day!

At first Reid showed a great deal of concern. He kept asking questions about the crashes, and he seemed relieved when we took our seats on the top of the bleachers. After a couple rounds I asked him if he was having fun, but he wouldn't answer. He'd just reply with another curious question.

After about the third or fourth heat he started jumping up and down and gave me the biggest hug I've ever received. "Thank you for taking me to see the cars crash!" At that point Ben was buying us some nachos, so his night only went up from there.

I got to chat with my cousin Rick and his wife and later with my Aunt Paige and Uncle Jerry. But mostly I loved how excited my little boy was to watch all the action of racing and crashing cars.

The firework display stared just past 10:00, and half way through Reid told us he was too tired to stay another minute, so we headed for home and missed the grande finale (of both the fireworks and the derby).

Overall it was a busy, fun filled 4th of July. 

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