Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cousins go and cousins come

Breakfast on the farm closed out our Bassett Family Reunion

My brother Jon's family arrived today, minus Jon since he is deployed with the air force right now.

We also got ready to send Ben back to Wisconsin. I wondered if the kids would want to go with him, but they were excited to have even more cousins around and seemed to understand they could patiently wait one more week for our return home.

We all went out to Zapatas, a local Mexican restaurant, and the youngest cousins all ate together at their own table. They were too cute and too proud to have so much independence. I should have snapped a photo. Nell wasn't thrilled she had to sit at the adult table, though we did give her a few minutes with the kids.

Ben takes off at 3am tomorrow morning, and thankfully my sister-in-law Laura is going to take him up to SLC. She is going to visit a friend in Brigham City, so she figured she'd save us the long drive and they would carpool together. I'm sure going to miss having him around. Once he's gone vacation starts to feel a lot more like work than relaxation. But I'm always grateful we get to stay an extra week.

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