Saturday, July 12, 2014

Girl's Night and Flarp

I had a late, late night tonight. I got together with three of my old high school friends and we had a lot of life to chat about.

It is so fun to see where life takes people you care about. With these three, it was especially pleasant. I know each of them are such wonderful mothers, wives, and women. We've each had our own struggles through the years, and we've each found our own happiness. It was fun to share in our connection to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as each of us knows that is where true happiness lies.

We laughed, we caught up on who's where, and we shared frustrations and heartaches. It was so fun to waste hours and hours chatting away, just like we would have 15 years ago. With some friends, years between youth hardly seem to matter.

Other joys of today were taking my kids swimming, no lessons involved ... just play. I got Reid to jump off the wall without any assistance. Nell was her usual independent self. It was a lot more work, watching her and playing with Reid at the same time. The pool gave us free passes at the end of our lessons, so we had to use them up.

The other cousins had gone over earlier, and Sof and Liv were more than excited to play with Nell. It is fun to watch how much they love on her.

Matthew and his kids came over for dinner, so the cousins got a couple hours of play time in before bed.

Well, except Nell didn't exactly play with the cousins.

I tell ya, that girl has a knack for finding stray chips.

What a happy mess!

We rescued this poor kitty from Phil and Kristina's house (out on "the farm") but he got lost "in town" and who knows what happened to him. 

Reid and Zoey are watching the kitty play underneath the trampoline.

Jumping with their Flarp.

My dad bought everyone their own can of Flarp (fart making silly puddy).

Sofia, Zeke, and Reid spent over a half an hour playing trucks with their Flarp. It was beautiful. Beautiful 3, 4, & 5-year-old work.

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